Ideally the campaign is seeking one main sponsor who will cover the total cost of the campaign or at least the major part of it. This is so that the sponsor will gain maximum and exclusive coverage from every bit of media attention the campaign receives. However, recognising the fact that this is an unlikely proposition for most companies we have created a five tier system of sponsorship to enable firms to support the project at a level which suits them.

Platinum Sponsor

Platinum Sponsor Sport Music Olympia, Bolton Browne

This will be the main sponsor who will cover the costs for the greatest part of the campaign. The Platinum Sponsor will get the lion’s share of advertising space on the CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, clothing, merchandise and concert programmes around the world, as well as the documentary and priority in direct liaison with the composer during the campaign and afterwards for lectures.

suggested minimum contribution


Gold Sponsor

Gold Sponsor Sport Music Olympia, Bolton Browne

The Gold Sponsor will also be a major financial contributor to the campaign and will get excellent service from the campaign team and is ensured good media coverage and branding on CDs, brochures, posters and merchandise.

suggested minimum contribution


Silver Sponsor

Silver Sponsor Sport Music Olympia, Bolton Browne

The Silver Sponsor is open to two firms and is a cost effective way to be involved with the project for a lesser outlay but still for significant returns on investment. The Silver Sponsors will receive branding on some items of clothing and will be high on the list of sponsors to project to the media. Of course you will have free access to the campaign team and to Bolton as well.

suggested minimum contribution


Bronze Sponsor

Bronze Sponsor Sport Music Olympia, Bolton Browne

The Bronze Sponsors will likely be smaller firms who are keen to be associated with the campaign but for a smaller outlay. Benefits will include company branding on the website and at press conferences. Also on some pieces of merchandise and again of course access to the campaign team and Bolton himself.

suggested minimum contribution


Steel Sponsor

Steel Sponsor Sport Music Olympia, Bolton Browne

This tier is equally important and allows provision for private individuals to support the project as well as companies donating specific materials for the campaign. Benefits to Steel Sponsors will come through exposure on the campaign website and branding at press conferences but mainly the advantage to Steel Sponsors will come in the form of advertising within your own sector/industry and a direct connection with the campaign.

suggested minimum contribution


The Charity

Winchester Cathedral, Winchester Choral Foundation, Bolton Browne, Olympia Overture, Sport music, Music Olympia World Record

Statue of King Alfred in Winchester

He championed children’s literacy, built schools and encouraged music education during his reign. Henceforth he became the only English monarch ever to be called `The Great’. The composer chooses Winchester Choral Foundation as his designated charity.

Registered Charity no. 287400.